Bartın University International Student Application Results for 2018-2019.


The results of the applications made by International Student candidates between 18 June and 13 July 2018 have been announced.


The candidates may enroll in the departments they have right to study at on a weekday from 13 August 2018 to 17 August 2018.


The acceptance letters of the candidates are sent to their registered e-mail accounts on the application and they are also downloadable on the application results page.


The reserve candidates admitted in the second evaluation will be able to enroll in the departments on a week day from 10-14 September 2018.


After the registrations of the candidates, the reserve students to be admitted in the departments will be sent acceptance letters via e-mail on 29 August 2018. These candidates will be able to download them on the application results page, as well.


Notice: The name of the program “Yacht Administration and Management” has been changed to “Marine and Yacht Administration”. Therefore, the candidates applying to “Yacht Administration and Management” will enroll in “Marine and Yacht Administration”.



Turkish Language Proficiency Exam (assessing 4 language skills) for the candidates will be held in the Building of Forestry Faculty on Ağdacı Campus on 13 August 2018 at 10:00; and for the reserve candidates on Ağdacı Campus on 10 September 2018 at 10:00.


All the candidates are kindly invited to fill out the form below prepared by 09 August at the latest in order to find out whether they will take the exam or not.


Those who do not hold a Turkish Language Certificate in C1 level are to be taken to this exam. Upon their requests to study at prep class, those failing in the Turkish Proficiency Exam may contact BU-DEM (Bartın University Language Teaching and Research Center) through the following contacts:


Phone: +90 378 223 5498 - +90 544 966 0199







1) Those who made false declaration on the online application will not be registered in our university and not claim any rights. Bartın University is entitled to commence legal proceedings against these students. 


2) All the candidates (including reserves) applying to the programs admitting students with a special talent test will be sent acceptance letters and final registrations of these students will be made after special talent tests. These students need to follow the webpages of the related departments.


3) The Special Talent Exams of the School of Physical Education and Sports and Arts Teaching will be held on 03-08 September 2018. 


International Students Office